Lucy's "Dancing For Jane" film series is an annual project intending to accumulate as a visual journey of grief & healing over time. After losing her mother Jane to breast cancer in 2014, Lucy is endeavouring to release a short dance film each year in tribute to her mum, marking the anniversary of her passing as well as reflecting on Lucy's personal journey with grief and loss. 


"Loss and grief are inevitable parts of the human experience, yet they are topics that are seldom discussed in day to day life. Understandably so, it can be hard to talk about these kinds of things. I find there is not much room for us to grieve & be vulnerable in a world that demands professionalism & perfection daily. But by creating these films and by using my language of dance, I have been able to take some time to reflect on loss, to allow this journey through grief and healing to speak and to share with much more depth and articulation that my words ever could. Creativity has been such a powerful part of my healing process and I am grateful for these opportunities to speak and share through the mediums of movement and film. I am so honoured to have worked alongside the brilliance of Patrick Mazzollo who has been able to bring these concepts to life in such elegant & beautiful ways." - Lucy Doherty




What we have once enjoyed deeply we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us. 

"When we lose somebody we love, it is natural to seek the emotional support they once provided to us in other people, relationships and circumstances when really the comfort we are seeking and ultimately our healing is already existent within us. The deepest bonds of love can not be broken, rather they become a part of us and are calling us to remember what is already there." 


Conceptualised & Directed by Lucy Doherty

Choreographed & Performed by Lucy Doherty & Sarah Boulter

Cinematography & Editing by Patrick Mazzolo




In Loving Memory of Jane Doherty & Pearl Allen

"Mandala" is the second instalment of Lucy's ongoing dance film series & was created in memory of her mother Jane as well as her grandmother Pearl who passed away the year this film was made. "Mandala" was nominated and shortlisted for an Australian Dance Award in 2017 for Outstanding Achievement in Dance on Film. 


Conceptualised & Performed by Lucy Doherty

Cinematography & Editing by Patrick Mazzolo




In Loving Memory of Jane Doherty

"Humanity can be heavy and being human means being willing to carry the weight. At times the weight is made light with laughter, other times sorrow makes it hard to bear. Yet if we are willing to be human we can carry it together."


Choreographed & Performed by Lucy Doherty

Cinematography & Editing by Patrick Mazzolo