Are you curious about meditation or want to integrate it more into your life? 

As dancers and creatives it is crazy how much we rely on our mental strength and general mental wellbeing to sustain us through the highs and lows that come with living the artist's life. Yet we are rarely given the tools or take the time to 'train' our mindsets to get us through the challenging situations we often face such as auditions, performances, classes, creative pressures & even just sustaining our uncertain & inconsistent career path & lifestyle.

As a professional dancer for the past ten years, I have found that meditation has helped me enormously throughout my career. I've had a fairly inconsistent practice of it over the years, (since first discovering it through yoga!) however in recent years I have been integrating it more and more into my dance work as a teacher, performer and choreographer as well as committing to a daily practice myself and the benefits have been so incredible. 


Im really honoured & excited by the prospect of sharing these tools that I have learnt (and am still learning about) through a six week online program that aims to : 

- Guide you through a weekly practice by introducing a new meditation focus, concept & topic each week. 

- Provide a collection of guided meditations to support you with specific dancer-related topics that you can keep forever & use throughout your career. 

- Get you in the habit of committing to a daily practice, each week you will be able to keep track of your progress & feel supported alongside the other students in the class. 

Keep meditation interesting as you receive a new guided meditation & focus each week! Track your progress & stay accountable to your new commitment by working alongside a group of like minded people! 



 - A short & easy-to-understand lesson with information about each week's focus

- Journalling prompts & weekly meditation tracker

- A ten minute guided meditation to practice with each day & keep for later use whenever you need.

- An affirmation to download or write down & keep with you to reference throughout the week

You will also have access to a private Facebook group to stay accountable to your commitment alongside a group of like-minded people! 

Don't leave your 'meditation practice' to the eleventh hour when you are facing a stressful situation ie in the wings for a performance or about to go into an audition room! 

We need to practice that ish in ADVANCE before we get ourselves into those stressful spots! 

This course will guide you into creating an easy and sustainable meditation practice with just ten minutes of guided meditation per day. 

Start training your mindset & travel easier through the stresses that our dance & creative careers can bring up! 




Self awareness & creating your daily ritual.

In week one we will be setting up a daily ritual including your daily meditation which you will actually look forward to each day! We will be busting some common meditation myths.. For example no meditation does not mean clearing your mind!! It simply means becoming present and aware of what you are experiencing in each moment. 

You will receive a ten minute guided meditation to practice with each day guiding you to become present to the different layers of your awareness including your physical body, emotions, thoughts and deeper self. Start to notice the power of checking in with yourself & where you are at on a daily basis! 

Suggested meditation uses :

Daily Meditation, Morning Meditation, Evening Meditation, Before Sleep, Self Awareness.  




Self worth & valuing your uniqueness. 

In week two we will be focusing on the all important topic of self worth! When I posted a survey not so long ago about topics that dancers would like to work on through meditation, self worth was by far the most common choice selected by almost everyone! 

This week you will receive a ten minute guided meditation to practice with each day focusing on self worth guiding you to trust that you are worthy of being seen & heard in any space or situation that you are in. You can also try using this meditation before a entering a class or audition environment where you might be feeling intimidated or fearing failure or judgement. 

Suggested meditation uses :

Daily Meditation, Morning Meditation, Before Audition, Before Class.




Activating creativity & trusting your intuition. 

The pressures of 'being creative' can start to arise when we get caught up in what people might think of our work instead of truly trusting what is coming from deep within us. Week three is all about developing a relationship with our intuition, the infinite source of all our creativity & artistic expression! 

For this week you will receive a guided meditation to practice with each day focused on connecting to your intuition & activating your creativity. You can also try using this meditation before any creative planning or choreography! 

Suggested meditation uses :

Daily Meditation, Activating Creativity, Choreography & Creative Planning.




Gaining a higher perspective.

Have you ever heard about the concept of your 'higher self?' It's the part of you that can rise above a situation or circumstance to see and understand the bigger picture. At times we can find ourselves caught up in our own fear, judgement or frustration and it can be really hard to escape these sometimes overwhelming and all-consuming feelings. However this week is all about learning to connect with your 'higher self' to rise above whatever situation you are in to see the lesson or bigger picture in it all. 

In week four you will receive a meditation focused on connecting to your 'higher self' to gain a clearer perspective of any circumstance or situation. You will use this as a daily practice throughout this week but its also amazing for using after auditions or classes & before performances. 

Suggested meditation uses :

Daily Meditation, After Auditions, After Classes, Before Performances, Before Sleep.  




Gratitude & activating joy. 

One of the biggest secrets to manifesting great things into your life is to practice feeling gratitude daily for the incredible things that you already have! This week is all about feeling good, unconditionally!! Learn to take the pressure off yourself about 'getting that certain job' or 'having this performance go a certain way.' When we activate gratitude and joy each day we really do make room for freedom, ease & amazing opportunities to enter our lives! 

This week you will receive a guided meditation focusing on activating feelings of unconditional joy and gratitude to practice with daily. This is also an incredible tool to use before a performance, before an audition and before a class!  

Suggested meditation uses :

Daily Meditation, Morning Meditation, Before Performances, Before Auditions, Before Class, Before Sleep. 




Get Moving. 

In our final week we will be recapping all of the meditations that we have been practicing with. You will 'get moving' with your own meditation practice by choosing to work with the meditation that you feel most drawn to each day or your favourites that work best for you as a daily go-to. 

You will also receive a 'Moving Meditation' involving dance!! This is a guided practice that will take you through an awareness meditation, adding movement to each layer of your awareness. Feel free to use this daily if you would like! But it will take up a little more time and space than your regular practice. (No you probs cant do it on the train) 

Suggested meditation uses :

Daily Meditation, Before Creating, Before Performance, As a Warmup.