Guided meditations for dancers & creatives



Hello friends, thank you so much for taking this time to help me out.. please have a read of my intentions with this project & fill out the survey below! I appreciate you and your feedback so much! x 


SO! I have had an interest in meditation for some time & a fairly sporadic practice of it over the years. But most recently in the past year or so I have been really committing to a daily meditation practice & I have found that it has helped me so much. 

I love to use guided meditations because I find them really easy to follow & it is such a quick way to ground and centre myself both as a daily practice but also as a tool to use before or after any high stress situation. 

I love listening to guided meditations before performances, auditions, classes I take or teach and Ive found them helpful during times of stress and doubt, giving me clarity on sucky situations such as auditions that didn't go as I had hoped, jobs that I didn't get as well as any uncomfortable situations or interactions I may encounter. 

What we do & the types of lives we live as creatives and dancers can be full of uncertainty, doubt, fear, rejection and disappointment. We rely on our mind-power so much but many of us rarely take the time to "upkeep" or give ourselves a chance to look at what we are thinking how that is making us feel. 

I am working on creating some guided meditations specifically for dancers and creatives and Im just looking at getting some feedback from other dancers to find out more about your experience with meditation & the things that you most struggle with as a creative in this field so that I may create some meditations to suit specific needs within our dance industry. 

Thankyou again for your time, I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Love Lucy



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