An exclusive interview with Lucy Doherty on The Unfold blog, an online archive of unfolding creative stories & interviews with women living on purpose & in true style.

“How do you think we can use dance to change the world?

Connection. I think about this a lot because at times dance can seem like a bit of a selfish career and I have questioned it in that sense. But thinking more about the world, I think every problem at its core stems from disconnection – a disconnect from yourself or from other people or the environment – it all comes down to that disconnection. Dance can be such a powerful tool for connection to yourself, others and the world around you, so if I can focus on this then that is doing a little bit of good for the world…. ”



“This gorgeous, powerhouse duo are taking the Australian dance scene by storm in a completely refreshing way. Rob McLean and Lucy Doherty approach their art and work with their warm heart and soul, there is nothing contrived or fake about their work and approach to their art. We joined Rob and Lucy at their little beach shack and we couldn't have asked for a more genuine setting that reflected their aura (catch the background ambient sounds of waves crashing during the whole interview!) In this chat, we explored their different approach to teaching and dance; their evolution and growth as individuals and as a duo, what they think of the impact social media is having on dance at this point, Lucy’s inspiration to start her own company (One Dance Collective), freestyle in dance, and their own struggles within the industry…”



Article by Energetiks following the online premier of Lucy’s short dance film “Reminiscence” choreographed & performed with Sarah Boulter.

“Perhaps one of the most universal human experiences of all is the inevitability of loss, and its recurring emotional impact on each of us throughout our lives. Yet the enduring impact of loss (in all its forms) is something we seldom dwell on outside of our own private spheres. Australian dancer and choreographer Lucy Doherty has counteracted this in the most touching way imaginable, releasing her poignant and evocative short dance film Reminiscence earlier this year. The film is the latest instalment in a series of short dance pieces that explores the trauma of grief, and Lucy's own personal experience with losing her mother to breast cancer in 2014...”



Article & interview with Lucy Doherty for Energetiks, Australian dancewear brand that represents the very best quality and style in high performance dance and activewear. 

“It was this year though that has really seen Lucy flourish, after making a phenomenal debut with the third Season of the Dream Dance Company in their internationally touring show ‘Enter the Vortex’ (choreographed by Sarah Boulter), which has exhilarated and astounded audiences at every performance. Lucy’s stage presence as a performer holds a gravitational pull that renders even her smallest movements captivating, something that is grounded in the emotional agency she brings onstage as a dancer…”